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About us

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Zafranet is the number one website specializing in the Mexican sugar market. We are an independent website which publishes the latest sugar and sweetener information from domestic markets. We offer data from an analytical perspective so as give the user a range of in-depth information which will assist in the making of important decisions.

Zafranet publishes daily and weekly English reports on cane crushing during the October to September cycle. On a daily basis the Zafranet team updates prices and quotes from the different Mexican markets and calculates the average national price. In our different sections you will also find sugar balances, statistics, daily floor prices at the main supply centers of Mexico, wholesale, FOB Mill, sugar futures and high fructose corn sugar quotes as well as the closing of the main stock indexes, agro commodities and exchange rates.

Zafranet.com was created mid-2006 as a response to the sugar cane industry’s information and statistics needs. Primarily it offers an analysis of the industry by publishing topics of most interest and value to the sugar sector.

Behind this ambitious project is a crew of professionals who have maintained a close relationship with the sugar industry for many years, and who have now joined forces to impart information and analysis to our site.

A breakdown of what we offer:


We report daily information on domestic activities within the sugar industry.


We write daily national market reports as well as international futures markets reports. We produce a weekly report comprising production results of the local harvest and a summary of price movements and we comment our perspectives on sugar market expectations.


Every day we publish daily average prices in the main markets in Mexico (SNIIM), as well as wholesale and retail prices in the main markets. We have graphs that show short and medium term trends, HFCS prices, main stock market results and exchange rates for various currencies throughout the world, future contract movements and the dollar-peso exchange rate.


Once a day we email our subscribers a newsletter with information about national and international events. We include information about financial markets and main energy commodities.


We constantly update sugar balances for Mexico, the US, NAFTA and the world, as well as the state of sweetener consumption in Mexico.


In this section there are various tables that can be downloaded into Excel format. These include harvest statistics and sugar prices.


We constantly publish progress reports and comment on the main problems in these two sectors. The sugar cane groups represent 57% of the value of the sugar market in Mexico.